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Statue of Ice - a year and a half later by xTernal7 Statue of Ice - a year and a half later by xTernal7
Now it's just an artwork
that I used to love!

Anyway, that's my entry for Draw This Again contest. ("I dare you, I double dare you!")

Old piece: [link]
New piece: [link]

Things I've changed:
— Pretty much everything except the icy statue. There was a number of things of faults I've found on the old version, ranging from dragon anatomy to the stuffing the piece with ALL the stuff I could think of, in order for it not to appear half finished. More specifically:
:bulletgreen: I didn't like the really small FOV on the old piece — it makes the statue look small. So I tried to make statue appear bigger with utilizing greater FOV. More or less successfully.
:bulletblue: Improved the anatomy of the dragon. Front legs are the least okay part, but it is an improvement from the first one.
:bulletblue: Piles of icy particles changed for gold. There must be a treasure. Also, added some color to the picture.
:bulletred: Removed fight scene, icicles and glowing trees. I ran out of space, and I tried not to make the piece too kitschy.
:bulletred: Removed two sentinels (dragons) from the ledges on the either side — would break composition.
:bulletgreen: Raised a platform, on which all the piles of gold are. Reason for this one is a fuck-up at an early level (at sketch). But I think it turned pretty awesome.
:bulletblue: Improved lightning. Lightning at the new piece actually follows some basic logic. Speaking of which, why isn't ice translucent? —That would be more physics than my brain could deal with in a reasonable time, so I decided there's frost on the ice. That way, ice reflects most light and even difuses it to some degree. Also, old statues from ice would most probably not be translucent.
:bulletgreen: Improved detail management. Now, whole picture has approximately the same level of detail.

However, the new piece doesn't seem to be catching up with popularity the old piece used to have.
Ametystical Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good improvement. The rocks are more realistic and the illumination in it is very good. There is a big difference between the two dragoons, the new one is very well done than the old one.

Nice job. :)
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September 29, 2012
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